The Stylist of Brighton – featured in Chasing Vintage magazine

The following profile on Igor was published in Chasing Vintage magazine for the September/October issue.

Meet Igor Srzic-Cartledge, Brighton’s hottest stylist and mentioned in Vogue as one of the UK’s finest stylists

Being a stylist is a fabulous job because it is constantly changing and demanding and therefore very exciting. It is not just a 9-5 job to me, it is much more fulfilling. Styling is not simply limited to working with clothes in shops. You get to meet a wide variety of interesting people, and personal styling is all about interacting and forging a connection with your clients.

For my personal shopping services, I initially begin with an one-to-one consultation, then discover the client’s likes and dislikes, eventually helping them to put together a new wardrobe and go on a shopping trip to introduce them to new styles and colours. The great thing about working independently from the big department stores is that there is no obligation to buy. I simply source and suggest and it’s up to the client whether they buy or not. International travel is part of the perks of the job, such as being whisked off to Paris and Milan for shopping trips with clients.

I am also involved with magazine and radio work. Going to New York and London Fashion Weeks to see the shows is another highlight, never mind rubbing shoulders with the likes of Eva Longoria and Justin Timberlake. Fashion is something I love to do, so being paid for it is just heaven.

My personal styling business has a bit of a twist as well, as I have an additional tailoring business, Dandylion Style, making one-off suits and bespoke waistcoats. It lends me an unique sense into the cut and quality of clothing, making sure I steer clients to clothes that will stay in style and last for a long time, saving them time and money.

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