ETC Magazine – Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper Igor Srzic Cartledge interviews Sex in the City designer Patricia Fields

International Stylist Igor talks to Sex in the City designer Patricia FieldsIn between catching February’s catwalk collections at New York Fashion week, our stylist Igor Srzic-Cartledge, managed to interview a true style icons Patricia Fields, to find out what inspired her.Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody
Patricia is best known for designing the clothes worn by Sarah Jessica Parker as Sex In the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, and the Oscar-nominated costumes of “ The Devil wears Prada”, but if you’re wearing leggings, you owe their invention to Patricia Fields.

What is your personal style?

It is very hard to talk about oneself, but I kind of think my personal style, is like a little story of how I feel that day, and what inspires me when I walk into the closet. That’s when I get dressed and I am not rushing  to work. If I need to be there in half an hour then I don’t care! But if not I love getting dressed and making a little story.

What would you say is your favourite piece of clothing?

Jeans. I always wear them and when I was a kid I never took them off. Also I buy men’s Calvin Klein t-shirts in “small” and alter them to fit me and I can wear them every day. But I can’t find them any more, so now mine have holes and bleach marks!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by happy people.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

The most expensive thing in my wardrobe was given to me by my friend. Its a fur. I love fur! I have two poodles and I love to cuddle with them, love  the feeling of their fur. I don’t wont to kill animals for it but I do love it.

What is the next project we can expect from you?

Wait and see is my real answer! – but I am showing a collection of the clothing I have done before, and that will be going around the world.

I’m sure that will include a variety of Carrie Bradshaw looks – tell me about working on Sex in the city?

The best think for me was the experience of having such success – the show went around the world and reached every one. The audience know me and I know them and it doesn’t matter if they are from China or Brazil its all the same and that experience was wonderful to have.Canada Goose Lodge Down Jacket

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